CGI expands creative horizons. Everything that is conceivable in the mind’s eye, can be visualized with CGI.

There are no limits to the possibilities. Images for catalogs, campaigns, magazines or websites. Inspirational and highly emotive, factual and informative, or with a technical/graphical touch. Films for commercials, trade shows, the media, about products, corporations, games, or documentaries and animated films. Interactive content for configurators, websites, web specials, mobile devices, POS and showroom applications.

CGI productions can be created solely on the computer or cleverly combined with real photos or film elements. By closely liaising with our global network of photographers and directors, and by providing our own service production team, we take an integrated approach to projects. We ensure top-quality results, ranging from the concept development phase to pre-production, production and post-production.

Clients, especially those in the automobile sector, benefit from our longstanding experience, as well as from our expertise in working with corporations, and our knowledge of corporate structures, processes, IT and system landscapes. We have passed all security audits.

Due to our unique CGI pipeline and resources, we are able to manage large projects with tight deadlines.

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